Bare Lance Pipe

Oxylance manufactures bare lance pipe from .1875” diameter up to 1.66” diameter. We offer lance pipe in Plain End, Quick Connect, Threaded One End and Threaded and Coupled. End finish available is dependent on the diameter and type of lance pipe. All Lance Pipe is cleaned for oxygen service. Oxylance also offers all of the necessary accessories such as holders, oxygen regulators and safety clothing.

Calorized Lance Pipe

Oxylance is the North American distribution center for Daiwa Calorized Lance Pipe. Calorized pipe is available in Plain End, Threaded and Coupled and Press on Couplings.

Crimping Tools

Oxylance offers both stationary and hand portable crimping machines for all diameters of lance pipe.

Oxygen Lance Holders

Oxylance manufactures a complete line of holders for lance pipe. We also have the capability of customizing holders for special applications.

Oxygen Control Valves

Oxylance has a full line of specialty valves manufactured for oxygen service. These include Ball Valves, Spring Loaded Ball Valves and the LV Lever Valve. You should contact our technical services department for specific applications.

Oxygen Lance Hose

Oxylance maintains a large inventory of oxygen lance hose form 300 psi to 500 psi. We offer hose with standard Compressed Gas Association (CGA) fittings as well as custom hoses with NPT pipe threads or Viton O-ring sealed unions.

Oxygen Hose Reel

Oxylance Hose Reels makes hose handling safer and more efficient, by improving hose management. Your company will decrease labor cost, reduce chances of injuries from trip hazards and reduce medical cost and insurance premiums that results from accidents.

Manifold Regulators

Oxylance carries a variety of Oxygen Regulators for point of use or large dome loaded manifold regulators.

Steel Mill Accessories

Oxylance manafatures a variety of accessories for steel mill applications.

Oxygen Leak Detection

Oxylance Leak Test Solution is perfect for use with all gas connections. Using soap and water for leak testing is not only dangerous, but the residue it leaves on fittings can also corrode or damage valve seats. Oxylance Leak Test Solution leaves no residue, meets MIL Spec PRF-25567E, ASME and CGA requirements.