Top Features of Oxylance Burning Bars

Oxylance Exothermic Burning Bars

Standard Burning Bars

There are a number of generic terms used to describe exothermic cutting torches commonly called Burning Bars, they are also referred to as Lance Bars, Lance Rods, Mag Bars, Mag Rods, Burning Lances, Exothermic Torches, Thermic Torches and Thermic Lances. Oxylance manufactures a wide variety of diameters and lengths from the .405” od to our largest burning bar at 1.05” od. Lengths available are 5’3”, 7’, and 10’6”.

Burning Bar Holders

Burning Bars require a special holder to attach the burning bar to the oxygen source. The Lever Action holder is designed to grip the burning bar to hold it in the holder and at the same time seal the burning bar to prevent oxygen leaks.

Oxygen Control Valves

Oxylance has a full line of specialty valves manufactured for oxygen service.

Oxygen Hose

Oxylance offers a variety of oxygen hose and fittings. The most important aspect of the oxygen hose is to use a hose large enough that it will not restrict the flow of oxygen to the burning bar.

Oxygen Regulators

A high volume oxygen regulator is a must for efficient cutting with burning bars. The regulator also needs a large enough port that when used with ½” or ¾” hose it will not restrict the flow of oxygen.

Oxygen Leak Detection

Oxylance Leak Test Solution is perfect for use with all gas connections. Using soap and water for leak testing is not only dangerous, but the residue it leaves on fittings can also corrode or damage valve seats. Oxylance Leak Test Solution leaves no residue, meets MIL Spec PRF-25567E, ASME and CGA requirements.