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Oxylance has been manufacturing burning bars for U.S. and international markets since 1974. From its inception, the company recognized the need for top quality cutting torches designed specifically for the primary metals and demolition industries.

Over the years, the company has developed other exothermic cutting rods and accessories to allow us to serve additional industries such as underwater construction and mining.


Quality has always been a top priority at Oxylance - we recognize that delivering quality products is a must for operational safety, which is why we take the additional steps of providing safety training and demonstrations for our customers.

Oxylance is also proud to be the North American distributor for Daiwa Lance International Calorized Lance Pipes, widely recognized as the best lance pipe on the market.

Our burning bars and Surecut exothermic cutting rods can also be purchased through our worldwide Welding Distributor Network.

As timely delivery can be essential to our customer base, we have two locations - Birmingham, Alabama and Chicago, Illinois – so that we are able to quickly and efficiently react to our customers’ needs.

Oxylance professionals are available for questions about product use and safety. To insure that all of our products are the safest available we employee an extensive quality control program that monitors all products from the receiving dock, through out the manufacturing process, to the shipping dock.